Milla Jovovich, attraverso il suo profilo Instagram, ha annunciato ufficialmente la fine delle riprese di Monster Hunter, pellicola diretta da Paul W.S. Anderson tratta dall’omonima saga videoludica.

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Well that’s a picture wrap on #monsterhuntermovie! Get ready for it cause this is a long post.😉 What an unforgettable experience this has been, meeting some amazing humans, traveling to some of the most unearthly locations. Everyone worked so hard, this was definitely one of the most challenging films I’ve ever made which says a lot😂, but we all got through it as a team and some of the relationships I’ve made here will hopefully last a lifetime. Thank you to my amazing husband #paulwsanderson for making this film a reality. You worked harder than anyone baby!💪🏼💋Thank you to our INCREDIBLE crew! Without your tireless efforts and long hours, this would not be possible.🙏🏼 Thank you to our military advisor, Ranger, Captain Natalie Mallue @eilatan_eullam And her awesome husband Major Ed Mallue @skip2mallue (congratulations On your promotion Ed!) Without the two of you kicking my butt and constantly inspiring me, Captain Artemis would not have come to life the way she has. And last but definitely not least, thank you to all the wonderful, talented actors who came aboard to bring life to these characters! @tonyjaaofficial @perlmutations @troubleman31 @diego @meagangood @iammcjin @jannik.schuemann @hirona_yamazaki @aaronbeelner @nandacostareal!! I love you guys and can’t wait to see you all again soon!! Here’s some highlights from our last week here in Namibia. The second plane was a bit sketchy, tiny with propellers, but we made it😅! The rock formations in both #sesriemcanyon and #spitzkoppe are absolutely breathtaking! I will post more pics once I get home and go through everything. But anyway, it’s a bittersweet goodbye! I’m leaving this fantastic experience exhausted, with sunburnt eyeballs, but a stronger heart, will and body. And hey! As Captain Natalie likes to say “That’s showbiz baby!”😎 Over and out peeps. See you on the other side of the world.✊🏼 #monsterhuntermovie #spitzkoppediary

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Di seguito la sinossi ufficiale del film:

Dietro al nostro mondo ne esiste un altro: un mondo fatto di mostri potenti e pericolosi che regnano sui loro domini con ferocia mortale. Quando la Luogotenente Artemis (Milla Jovovich) e i suoi fedeli soldati vengono trasportati dal nostro mondo al nuovo, l’imperturbabile Luogotenente riceve lo shock più grande della sua vita. Nella sua disperata battaglia per la sopravvivenza contro nemici enormi e dai poteri incredibili, inarrestabili e rivoltanti dovrà collaborare con un uomo misterioso che ha trovato una maniera per combattere queste creature.

Nel cast troveremo: Milla JovovichDiego BonetaTony JaaRon PerlmanT. I. HarrisMeagan Good e Josh Helman.


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